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Home Bar Basics Buying Guide Part 2- Choosing your Bar Stools-HappyHomeBars.com

Happy Home Bars Guide | Bar Stool

Happy Home Bar Guide Bar stool.  Will help you 0ick the right bar stool for your home bar or kitchen area.
Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars - Happy Home Bars

Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars

Our Happy Home Bar Guide will help you narrow down what you're looking for.  The first part of our guide will go over the different types of home bars available. s it a wine bry, dry bar, wine bottle storage, corner bars, bar carts or just bar stools? Not sure what any of these are? Allow us to answer all your home bar questions and help  you in purchase the home bar furniture piece that will create that entertaining area that will leave your friends speechless. 
Home Bar Basics Part 4- Bar Necessities-HappyHomeBars.com

Happy Home Bars Guide | Stocking your home bar or bar cart

One thing that people find difficult is determining exactly what their bar is really going to be used for. The most important thing you want to take into account, is you know what kind of items to stock your bar with.  You want to make ensure there is enough space to store all your items.  You’ll will need liquor, mixers, glassware and much more!