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Looking to have a place in your home where you can sit after a tiring day? Having a home bar is the perfect way to cherish a glass of your favorite wine, either all alone or with your friends and family. 

When it comes to choosing one of the many home bars available in the market, it can be a tedious process. So it pays to learn about your priorities, needs and wants. It will help you bring the right home bar home with an elegant bar cabinet and wine racks. It can be hard to choose a home bar, so it pays to follow a comprehensive home bar buying guide.

If you want to turn your home into a classy or stylish home bar, then follow this guide and let us help you decide what sort of home bar. or bar furniture.  We can help you turn your home into a dream bar area.

Mapping your space

Everyone appreciates a home bar and would love to have one in their home, but many of us don’t have the required space. Before you begin to find the right bar, you need to measure the available space where you plan to have your home bar. 

The standard bar height ranges between 40 inches to 42 inches. Use a measuring tape to measure the area and save the measurement.  It’s important to ensure that you have enough space.

Types of Home Bars 

There are several styles of home bars available in the market. Choose a home bar depending on the available area in your home, your style, size preferences and storage needs.  

Wet Bar

A wet bar includes a sink with running water and a place for mixing and serving drinks.

Dry Bar

A home bar that has no sink, but it still offers storage place for mixing and serving drinks.


Furniture - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars
Sideboard - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars

Sunny Designs Homestead 80" Home Bar | Dark Brown


 Folding Home Bar

As the name suggests, a folding bar features a foldable design. You can fold/unfold the sides to make it a larger home bar. When not using the sides, you can fold the sides, and it works as a great space saver.

Furniture - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars
Furniture - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars

Ram Game Room Portable Home Bar Cabinet | English Tudor


Corner Home Bar

If you don’t have enough space to make your home bar a centerpiece, a corner bar works great. Its design allows you to keep it in a corner.


Furniture - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars
Furniture - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars

Ram Game Room Cappuccino Home Corner Bar Cabinet

Hidden Home Bar

It comes with a design that when the cabinet doors are closed it may look it as an ordinary piece of furniture. However, pull open the cabinet doors and it will open up to ample storage for you to keep wine bottles and other bar items in its cabinets. A hidden bar makes a great option if you want to keep it in a family area.

Straight Home Bar

Just like a bar you find in a typical nightclub, a straight bar is the same. It’s designed to give you the feeling that you’re sitting in a nightclub. It’s also known as a front bar. It features a flat top where you can keep your drinks and guests can sit across from you.

Outdoor Bar

As indicated by its name, you can install the outdoor bar in your patio area or backyard. Since it’ll be used outside, it’s made of weather-resistant material.

 If you think that the available space in your home is not sufficient for a home bar, then don’t worry. That’s because you don’t need too much space for turning your den into an elegant home bar. Some alternate options to a home bar are available that include a bar cart or cabinet.

Wood - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars

Bar Carts

To make a small area functional and use it as your home bar, bar carts are a great choice. You can find bar carts in several different sizes and styles, making it easier for you to find the right one according to the available size and other elements of your home decor. An added benefit that makes bar carts highly practical is that you can take to them to any area of your house where the party is happening.

Tabletop - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars

Bar and Wine Cabinets

Bar and wine cabinets pieces are available in several sizes and styles. When closed, a bar and wine cabinet piece looks similar to any other cabinet, making them ideal for placing in a family area. 

Some bar and wine cabinets come with an open front that displays the collection of your liquor. It makes a great option if you’re looking for something multi-purpose and stylish. Such a cabinet features plenty of space for holding your wine glasses and wine bottles.

Furniture - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars

Wine Racks

Wine racks can hold from 1 bottle of wine to a thousand bottles of wine. The number of racks you install depends on the size of the rack and the space available. Typically, wine enthusiasts install wine racks in their home bar to show their collection of wine.

Home Decor - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars

Finding your look

The most interesting part of building your home bar is choosing the style of your home bar or wine bar. A home bar must be appropriate for your living area, sits well with your home decor, and mustn’t affect your ease of movement around the area. Before you choose a home bar, determine whether you like a minimalist design or something that has both style and appeal.

If you’re a wine enthusiast and own a great collection of wine, then having something that lets you display your collection would be your priority.  Consider whether you need a wine rack or wine cabinet to store your alcohol or something that can turn your den into a complete entertainment area.

If you don’t know what you need, then consider one of the following home bar ideas.

Home Bar Ideas

People love hosting parties at their homes to spend time with friends and family. If you’re one of such people, then chances are you are already thinking about having a home bar.

Because of the variety of home bars out there, it can be overwhelming to decide on what you want. Having a home bar can improve the quality of parties you host at your home, so consider the following home bar ideas. 

 #1: An Outdoor Home Bar

For those having ample outdoor space in their backyard, to have an outdoor home bar is easier. If you already use your outdoor area for parties and events, then setting up an outdoor home bar would elevate the partying experience of you and your guests.

You can either opt for a straight bar with stools on one side of the bar or used an explicitly designed outdoor bar for the perfect outdoor home bar experience. There are plenty of outdoor home bars available in different sizes and styles.

If you want to build an outdoor home bar, Anderson Teak Altavista and the Anderson Teak Montego are great options. You can have them with stools and without stools as well.

Furniture - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars

#2: A Simple in Home Bar Table

When you host parties at home, you don’t want to be just serving drinks at your own party. The truth is no one wants to be a bartender at a party.

How about having a simple home bar table where you can place bottles of wine, glasses, and other bar items and let your guests be their own bartenders.

You can find many simple and appealing home bar tables in different sizes and styles.  These tables don’t take up much space and serve the purpose well. 

#3: Rustic Home Bar:

If you prefer the rustic style and most parts of your home decor feature rustic style, then consider having a rustic home bar.

You can find several rustic style home bars and some of the beautiful ones include Montana Woodworks Glacier Country and Graphic 9 Bottle Wine Cabinet.

When it comes to home bar ideas, there’s no shortage of ideas. Depending on your style preferences, needs, and space available in your home, you can set up an appropriate home bar.

Chair - Happy Home Bars Guide | Home Bars

Final Words

Be sure to measure the space in your living area or backyard or wherever you want to place your home bar. You should buy an appropriately sized home bar and don’t forget to consider the rest of your home decor. It should be both functional and appealing, so your guests enjoy sitting around it and appreciate your efforts.

We hope that you’re now aware of the different types of home bars, and this guide helps you find the right home bar for your home.

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